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Today's topic:too short

Thematic answers are book/game titles, with the title of another book/game spelled with the circled letters. The corresponding clue fits the stories in both books/plays:

  • 121A "In a nutshell"...or an alternate title for this puzzle? :MAKE A LONG STORY
  • 23A play about love and heartbreak in ancient Greece [1605, 431 BC] BC]: A MIDSUMMIR NIGHTSDREE. UU.M (like "MEDEA" within)
  • 37 A timeless classic children's book about peasant friendships [1908, 1881]: TISCUENorteUEIN THE WILLOWS (with "HEIDI" within)
  • 64 A masterpiece on youth, family and the concept of free will [1866, 1965]: CRIME ANDPAGmiMILITARYmiNT (as "There" within)
  • 76 A coming-of-age novel about a teenager and his isolation [1951, 1986]: THCEATCHER DETTHE RYE (like "AXE" within)
  • 102 History of Soldiers and Treason in Southern Europe [1940, 1603]: TO WHÖMETROÖBELLTÖLLS (in the "OTHELLO" within)

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Billing time:16m 57s

Bill's mistake:0

Today's Amazonian Googlies Wiki-est

My wife and I are in Ireland at the moment starting the new year with the family. I only escaped to solve the mystery and write this abridged post. I'll get to the full post asap.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Complete list of hints/answers


1 Deets, say: INFO
5 Like pangolins and status: SCALES
10 Pacific weather phenomenon: EL NINO
16 000-00-0002, for Mr. Burns in The Simpsons: abbr. : NSS
19 Appropriate name for a protester? : NEAL
20 Patenkreis: THALIA
21 “What is the ___?” : MATTER
22 Job Listing Cards: EEO
23 Game of Love and Heartbreak in Ancient Greece [1605, 431 B.C. B.C.]: A Midsummer Night's Dream (with "MEDEA" inside)
27 Danger: DANGER
28 Answer (a): PANDER
29 Where can compromises be made? : FELT
32 Taming of the Shrew Sister: BIANCA
36 wheels: AUTOMOTIVE
37 Children's timeless classic about country friendships [1908, 1881]: THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (with "HEIDI" inside)
41 Granja Grito: ¡BAA!
43 Ventilated device: DRYER
44 comedy talk show 2003-2022, known as: ELLEN
45 Superlative Score: A-PLUS
48 "The Ghost of the Great Caesar!" : WOW!
50's style food: CUMAR
56 Shy: STAIRS
58 It is symbolized by a crescent moon and a star: ISLAM
63 Jewish Folklore: GOLEM
64 Magnum opus on a young man, the family and the concept of free will [1866, 1965]: CRIME AND SRAFE (mit „DUNE“ im Inneren)
70 Not according to plan: WRONG
73 Famous Chef DiSpirito: ROCCO
74 "Go and shoot!" : ASK ME!
75 Major and Commander, by Biden: PETS
76 coming-of-age novel about a teenager and his isolation [1951, 1986]: THE CATCHER IN THE RYE (with "HATCHET" inside)
80 Like an old apple: MEISCH
81 Chicken ___ (South Asian dish): KORMA
82 Phenomenon also known as data decay: BIT ROT
86 Quiet: QUIET
88 Rapper ___ Stallion: MEGAN
93 Sklaven: PEONS
94 Memory Buzz: CIGAR
99 Distracted, like an airplane: YAW
101 Peach only: A-OK
102 Tales of Soldiers and Treason in Southern Europe [1940, 1603]: FOR WHOM THE BELL RINGS (with “OTELLO” inside)
110 Polynesian greeting: ALOHA
111 Kleenex : Kleenex :: ___ : Post-It : POST-IT
112 Yellow-brown clay: WHEAT
115 Mercury and Mars, for two: TENORS
117 grams promote world peace: UNESCO
College Athletics Channel 120: ESPNU
121 "In a nutshell" ... or an alternative title for this puzzle? : MAKE A LONG HISTORY
126 Gelding la "baby doll": ELI
127 ermine in his white winter coat: ermine
128 The Lawyer's Favorite Dessert? : CAKE
129 Asteroid discovered in 1898: EROS
130 name means "king": REX
131 City that gives its name to many types of ice cream: NAPLES
132 Warren in the Baseball Hall of Fame: SPAHN
133 Modebuchstaben: DKNY


1 Type of modern purchase: IN-APP
2 Location of many Panhellenic Games: NEMEA
3 "Rapunzel" or "Rumpelstiltskin": FAIRY TALES
4 way to come: ALT
5 great puppies play poker: STU
6 flames on a stove? : campfire
7 Michigan College of Liberal Arts: ALMA
8 Certain Warranties: WARRANTY
9 hermits, in the old slang: YARDBIRD
11 Gamer's Headache: LAG
12 degree in mathematics? :NT
13 Voice of Snoop Dogg in The Addams Family 2019: ITT
14 Federal Agent Who Inspired Dick Tracy: NESS
15 Nightmare: TEST
16 Directed by: VISA A
17 Seekuh: Seekuh
18 Adspeak Convenience Claim: NO CONFUSION
24 Gin supplement: SLOE
25 German rejection: NO
26 One of the Castros of Cuba: RAUL
31 Subject line abbreviation: FWD
33 Wilde Gruppe, abbreviated: NHL
34 One of many in “Morgue Disney”: CEL
35 Amazed: AWESOME
38-letter scoreboard at MetLife Stadium: NYG
39. Department of Justice: DEA
40 useful connectors: INS
41 Halloween Symbol: Bat
42 busy month for a C.P.A. : Apr
46 Making a shelf out of an old pallet, for example: UPCYCLE
47 titles for Charlie Chaplin: SIR
49 Toy Torturers "Toy Story": SID
51 "I can't believe it!" : WOW!
52 face (with): COMPETITION
53 Paul who painted “Cat and Bird”: KLEE
54 Advanced: Lent
55 Other F.D.N.Y. proso: EMTS
57 Juicy Gossip: DIRT
59 Timing: SPAN
60 One from a classic septet: LUST
61 „Chave do Nilo“: ANKH
62 right? :MIME
65 Mimic: MOCK
66 Amazon device: ECHO
67 Laptop-Marke: ACER
68 It's exactly what you would expect: NORM
69 Bosnia's neighbor: SERB
70 After Hours Convenience: ATMs
71 Crying in an Amusement Park: WHERE!
72 Main: REAR
77 Philosopher Rand who rejected altruism: AYN
78 "___ What ___" (song from "La Cage aux Folles"): I AM
79 Puppy Som: YIP
83 Optional cutting station: ROAST PORK
84 Hawaiian fish, also called Wahoo: ONO
85 "What a shame!" :TSK!
87 prefix with hotel: ECO-
89 exams you can't actually study for: OCOL EXAMS
90 ___ Gadot aus „Wonder Woman“: GAL
91 Bohrwerkzeug: AWL
92 Basis for an annual Forbes list: NET WORTH
95 Hobgoblin: IMP
96 V8 debuts 1964: GTO
97 Music to a Masseur's Ears: AHS
98 Optimizing like a motor: RETUNES
100 game-___: DOH
102 More charged than your wallet: FATTER
103 Stadium Corner: OLE! ALT!
104 AFL full-time law degree associates: RON MIX
105 "No. Away!" : WOW!
106 "hear" from old times: HARKEN
107 Default search engine for Microsoft Edge: BING
108 Classic jeans: LEES
109 Bound: BIRTH
113 „___: The Smartest Kids in the Room“ (Dokumentarfilm 2005): ENRON
114 Wackadoo: CRAZY
116 High Protein Blood Components: Sera
118 "Uncle!" : TO STOP!
119 Blatt „Downton Abbey“: CORA
122 Zhuzh (para cima): AMP
123 Little word for little: LI'L
124 Atomic number of hydrogen: UM
125 itch: YEN

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  1. 33:55. Another typical Sunday for me. He got the long answers fairly easily and ended up in the top left corner.


  2. 38:31, no errors. My problem with long answers is my tendency to take away the title of the article. So "SUMMER NIGHTS DREAM"; "CATCHER IN THE RYE" and "WIND IN THE WILLOWS" just didn't seem to fit into their respective spaces. I kept looking for a trick to adjust them.


  3. 36:11. smart theme. Topic answers aside, I've never felt comfortable with this puzzle. The filling gave me seizures.

    ZHUZH rears its ugly head again. We put it in a jigsaw puzzle recently, but I had forgotten what it meant. AMP obtained by crossing.

    To say that AYN Rand rejected altruism is misleading at best. What she thought was that serving your own interests (not necessarily taking care of yourself too much as we would use that term today) would make you the best person you could be and in turn would help others . It's not like he thought helping others was a bad thing, as this clue suggests. Typical NYT though.

    Better -


  4. 13:36, one of my fastest Sundays. good topic. there isn't much to say about that. I have never read Ayn Rand, nor do I intend to. Its value to me is only as an occasional crossword puzzle answer, on par with Brian Eno and Erté.


  5. 1:09:07 and had Rey as Rex... to go that far and make a eviction error is pretty discouraging 😥
    Stay healthy 😀


    1. I hate these dump errors.


      1. I hate cleaning them...


  6. The worst riddle ever!!


  7. Boy, Bill nailed it.
    "A BRIDGE TOO FAR", adorei.

    Made the same mistake in REX. I had KING. but I didn't know myself from the RON MIX from the old football days in the 70s either.
    I read a WIKI about it. He says he was expelled in 2019.

    I would never know how exactly these themes fit into the story. I trusted what felt right.

    ¿BITROTE? !!!!


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