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Skogafoss is one of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland. Its proximity to the ring road and its location in the south of Iceland make it a popular destination for tourists. While tour buses will take you to the base of the falls for photography, hiking up the Skógá River to see the rest of the falls is rare. While Skogafoss is the most impressive waterfall on this hike, you'll be even more impressed if you choose to complete the Skogafoss hike (known as the Waterfall Trail).

The Skogafoss trail is part of the Fimmvörðuháls trail along the river Skoga. This full track is a great day trip and will take you all the way to Torsmerk. This is a great hike for those with more timeIceland itinerary. However, even if you only have a few hours, you can go on all or part of the Skogafos waterfall hike. We walked there for three hours. The joy of this hike is that it is an out and back hike; this allows you to hike as far as you like. We will describe the parts of our hike in detail so you know what to expect and plan your Skogafoss hike.

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when to visit

First of all, Skogafos is a beautiful waterfall that is easy to visit all year round. is closeCircular roadClose to a large well-maintained parking lot.

However, hiking the Skogafoss waterfall is only suitable for summer. First you have to climb a lot of stairs and you don't want to do that while the trail is icy. You will also find that parts of the trails are muddy, even in summer. Let's say if you go in the spring when the snow melts, the mud will be worse.

get there

Skógafoss is a 2-hour drive from Reykjavík and a 30-minute drive from Vík along route 1 –loop. The road to Skogafos is well paved and well marked.

Upon arrival, Skogafoss has a large free parking lot. It's completely free!

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Whether you decide to hike Skogafoss or not, we think you should stop and see Skogafoss. This waterfall is beautiful, one of the most beautifulThe best waterfalls in Iceland! You can walk to the spray. It's a fun little game you can play with everyone else: who wants to take the wettest photo.

Skogafoss is also very crowded. We visited them after lunch. There are so many people here that you really have to get wet to take a picture with someone else. However, one thing we noticed in Iceland is that people here don't wake up early or go out after dinner. So if you're visiting in the summer months and staying nearby, consider arriving early or late to avoid the crowds.

Skogafoss Trekking

  • distance:0-8 miles
  • Height:Minimal - after the huge staircase
  • year:1-6 sati
  • difficulty:Simple - after a huge staircase

After enjoying the photos at the base of the falls, it's time to start the hike to Skogafoss! Again, this is a back-to-back hike, so just walk until you run out of time or get tired, then turn around.

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First you have to climb a very long staircase to get to the top of Skogafoss. If you need a break, don't worry. The others stopped as well, skipping past the wide staircase. This was the most exhausting part of our hike. When you reach the top, you can admire the view of the top of Skogafoss from the viewpoint.

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The first part of the journey is really the best. I think that after every hill we have a beautiful view.

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hestava on

Hestavadsfoss is the first waterfall on the Skogafoss trail. This is truly one of the most beautiful. This is partly because the perception of falling is positive and continuous.

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Who doesn't love Fosstorfufoss waterfall. While the falls aren't the best, the name sure is fun to repeat over and over again.

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stanboga pada

Then the amazing Steinbogafoss. You can get a good view of this rather large waterfall.

This is also the place where most people hang out. From here, the view of the falls becomes increasingly difficult as there are many rocks along the way. Still beautiful, just not as photogenic. Also, the path has become less pronounced. You can still use the mile markers to find out where you need to go and how far you've traveled. However, the falls no longer have excellent lookouts and signs that explain where you are in the falls.

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femli on

The next stop on the trail is the Fellsfoss waterfall. Fellsfoss waterfall has two parts. This waterfall is difficult to see because it is located in the middle of a large rock. So if you want to see a good view, you have to go to the edge of the cliff. Be very careful when taking photos here.

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Roruto Fos

Rollutorfufoss is another beautiful waterfall on the Skogafoss trail. This gently flowing waterfall is easily visible from the hiking area.

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Cascading Falls is a beautiful and large waterfall. However, it is also hidden in a small cliff. The best view is actually from afar. You keep walking thinking the view will improve but it doesn't so we don't have pictures of it. We were waiting for the perfect shot. However, this is another impressive waterfall.

hidden waterfall

The last waterfall we stopped at was Hidden Falls. And very hidden. This is where the charm of this hike disappears and we decide to turn around.

he continued? ?

The next waterfalls along this trail are Tempest Falls, Sunset Falls, Blossom Falls and Bridge Falls. Once you get to Bridge Falls, you'll definitely want to turn around, because continuing on will become a serious time commitment. You will also exit this beautiful green hilly area into more gravelly gray plains.

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Again, the great thing about this Skogafoss hike is that you can turn around whenever you want. People kept stopping us on the way back, asking where we were going next. We continue until someone says "not much". You'll walk back faster, but be sure to take time to enjoy the scenery.

One last thing to mention is that part of the hike is through private land. During the hike you will see a clear path - keep going! Some sections of the trail have guide ropes to keep you on the trail, but you really should stay on the trail the entire time. One of the most amazing things about Iceland is that you can visit everything for free! If the owners have to start putting up fences because people can't stay on the marked trails, I think it's safe to say they'll have to start changing tickets. So help keep Iceland beautiful, wild and free and stay on the roads and practice the principles of leave no trace hiking.

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what to pack

Don't forget to bring your camera andtripod. If you hike the entire Fimmvörðuháls trail, we're told you'll see a total of 26 waterfalls - which we didn't count. But the Skogafoss hike is a photographer's dream trail, so pack your camera bag.

You also need shoes with a good pattern. You don't need to wear hiking shoes, but since the trails are muddy, you'll need shoes with good soles that you don't mind getting dirty.I'm in minerain bootsAnd it works very well.

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Don't forget to pack a full hydration pack as you'll probably be hiking for hours and going on a picnic if you go during mealtimes.

Finally, don't forget to bring a raincoat even if the weather is nice. At the foot of Skogafoss you will need a raincoat so you can get close without worrying about getting wet.

We hope this helps you plan your trip to this amazing waterfall and prepare you for the short part of your Skogafoss waterfall hike. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions or check them all outOur post offices in IcelandLearn more ideas for vacation planning.

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