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G: So, did you know, for example, Melanie, for the ones you mentioned, the ones you have to pay, are they a one-time fee, are they monthly, or some kind of renewal that you've done with them?

M: From everything I've mentioned, these are one-time fees. Regardless of which store you buy, whether it's Apple or I think it's the iOS store or the Google Play store, which is Android devices, you'll be in your account for the entire usage time stored on this platform. Every time I updated my iPhone, I would sign into my iTunes account and automatically save what I bought so I could download it again without paying.

G: Right, great. Sarah had another question, but I can answer this one. You asked about an Instagram webinar and how to use it to get the most out of it. That's definitely in the next schedule. We don't have a schedule for that yet,
Working on it. He also suggested the Go Pet-friendly app for people traveling with their pets. I think some places help to find similar dog parks. I've heard it from others - it helps find dog parks or dog places and whatnot.

G: Mary asked how many apps you have on your phone, Melanie. If you think about how many times you've talked about this
which takes up a lot of memory.

M: Actually, I... I just upgraded to an iPhone 7, so I'm exaggerating a bit because I know I have space, but I do.
I had... I think I recently had a 32 GB one, so I had to be careful. I'd pick the ones I know I'm going to use - All Stays was always on my phone. I would totally say he's probably at least 50 now but so am I
I have a five year old who loves to take my phone and some of it is games. But as far as travel resources, you probably have around 20 at a time. When I want to reduce my storage space, I just walk past them and ask, "Do I use this all the time?" So when I delete it, I know I can get it back without having to pay for it again because it's saved in my iTunes account. So yeah, just... if I want to make the space smaller, I just select
the ones I use often. \

G: Other suggestions to add as we speak, so Sarah suggested Prism (P-R-I-S-M) as another app to track when invoices are due. Linda also suggested free overnight parking.

M: She thinks it costs about $25 a year. I've seen it before, but it's an amazing app. You can also go to her website and use it there.

G: You also asked, "Do you have any app suggestions to help you plan trips?" It may seem like you want to keep track of where you've been and where you're going.

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M: Um, Roadtrippers, for trip mapping, Roadtrippers is good for that because you can save the trip you created. You can do it in the app or on their website. I often create this on the website. Do some kind of mapping of where I'm going, define new destinations, figure out if I need to stop somewhere along the way, and then save it to my account that I created there. So I can access my phone on Roadtrippers and access it.

G: It makes sense. So there are some questions about... SoCasey asks about the budget app. That was perfect, right? MINT?

M: Yes, and there are several of them, so I suggest checking them out. Most of them are free, so you have the opportunity to download them and see what they are about, if they meet your needs and if you are satisfied with them. If not, try another. So there are many options, but Mint is one that I suggest.

G: Oh yeah, I used that too. I like that too. Then Sarah asks, and it's been a while, I'm sorry... The last feature you mentioned in your presentation... Do you remember what it was? Was it RV Traveler or something?

M: I think there may be road travelers you were talking about who weren't actually on the slides. The last of the slides was iRecycle and the ones I didn't mention or have a picture of were Campendium and it's based on a website, but it's a really cool resource. I mentioned Mint, I mentioned Roadtrippers.
Yeah, I think it was the last one. Maybe he was thinking of day trippers.

G: It's alright! Looking at other app suggestions that have come up in the last few minutes, for example RV Park Reviews was really good for researching locations before landing, and Sherri also suggested AAA for route planning.

G: Mike asks, "Do you know of any medical tracking apps?"

M: Not that I know of. However, it is good to check it out. I'll take a look and then I can go up whenever I want. Most of these applications are available on our website. When logged in, you can find them under "Resources" in the top menu bar. There is a section for mobile applications. It's been a while since I've updated the new logos and things that come out of the apps and there are a few that I've added for this presentation that aren't there but I'll take care of them. If I can find something of value that helps people on the street, they will definitely add me there.


G: You have... you know what... the sani - dump you suggested might be good for that, but John asks, "Do you know of any resources to find a place to dispose of non-recyclable trash?" "

M: No, I don't know, not specifically about garbage, but I suspect that there is something out there. You can probably do some research there.

G: I know from talking to other RVs, especially when we park somewhere out in the open most of the time at places where trash is dumped, that dump stations also have some type of bin available for trash. It may not be a huge amount of trash, but if it's just a bag or two from your trailer, they usually have a place to put it. Of course, not everyone will do this, but many do.

G: Linda suggested that American Red Cross First Aid is a good medical app.

M: It's okay.

G: And then someone asked or suggested that Boondocker free is a place for them.

G: Sarah asked about mutual toll roads. For example, if she's traveling through Texas and she sees toll roads in Texas, almost all of them use TXTag, even if it's not the logo shown. Do you know if there is any app for interstate or interstate travel?

M: I would like to say that this question was only asked on our group page at Xscapers, and I would like to say that only Google Maps was recommended. Yes... when you write your route you will be aware of the tolls, so I think it was a consensus to use Google Maps. Set your destination where you are going and then open the route, raw data and alert you if you enter a toll road. You can do this beforehand to be useful.

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G: Do you happen to know that? I think she's asking how things are mutual, where even if a certain company owns that toll road, they're going to allow people with that other toll trail through because they have a relationship where they are. just upload this label. Is this something she tells you on Google? When it shows up, can you see what tolls?

M: I don't think I have that information and I'm not sure there's anything out there that shares that information.

G: Yeah, okay. Well, one question I have for you is that you have listed a lot of apps here. How did you discover them?
Apps that became your favorites? How did you find it

M: Sort of trial and error, I guess. I use them since we travel. Many of them, like Allstays, have been on my phone for five years since we traveled. So it's like... I know I've been doing this session on some of our convergences and I've been collecting data from other people. From there, I would test them myself to make sure they were reliable enough. So yeah, there was a lot of testing there. I probably downloaded hundreds that I didn't find very useful at the end of the day and deleted them. Well, those are just the ones we use the most on the trail, so they're my favorites. I may be a bit biased, but I have the feeling that many times a
a lot of people talk about it too.

G: And Tim just suggested that the Copilot app was a mapping app that lets you input the height of your rig to see if you can go under a bridge or something.

M: That's actually a very good point.

G: Yes. There is a question if you know of any good applications for DirecTV lineup. DirecTV alignment to your satellite?

M: That probably...could be used with the satellite finder. If you're in your trailer, you can probably still stand outside and point to it to see where the satellites are and see where to board it if you can.
to adapt the same for autonomous devices that you place outside your RV.

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G: Alright, well, looks like that's all we have for questions so far. Something to keep in mind if you decide to use the RVillage app, Escapees has our own group there, as well as our Xscapers group, which is the subgroup of Escapees members who are more of a working-age motorhome. This way you can connect with other campers through RVillage both within the Escapees Club and of course if you belong to FMCA or Good Sam or any of those others they also have their own groups. And there are all kinds of special things.
Interest Groups: If you like to write or photograph, there are all kinds of groups for that too. So for those of you who may be struggling to find people to connect with while traveling, RVillage is a great way to do it.

G: And yes, someone actually came here: Mike suggested Dish Pointer Pro as a great satellite pointer app.

M: It's good to know.

G: Well, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us, Melanie, thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. And for those of you who are Escapees members, give it a few days I guess because we'll be leaving for Tucson soon and updating the information on the members page of the Escapees website to accommodate the applications in one listing. form if you want.

M: Actually, it was just a quick reminder to add that you said "Escape". We just finished and are very excited to launch our events app on this getaway. So if you join us for this, I can't wait to share it with you. It will be very, very useful. I had to, of course, because we're talking about apps.

G: Of course! I reviewed it today and I totally agree that it's fantastic. I'm so excited. I'm even attending as well and really wanting to plan my schedule and everything.

G: Well, for everyone who signed up, you'll get a follow-up email in the next few days with a link to this replay where you can watch the full webinar if you're late or leave early, and that way, you can share it with your friends or whoever. So everyone can see. Also, when you signed up, you received a confirmation email that includes a survey below. If you'll take a few minutes at every opportunity to let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for future webinars, I'd love to hear them. This way we can make this program even better for you.

G: Alright, have a great night everyone. See you next time.

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Me: Bye!


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