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Dear customers,

For the company's 10th anniversary, Green Buzz Liquids has now become aGreen Buzz Nutrientsunnamed. The products, quality, equipment and our philosophy remain intact and at the same constant quality.

Green Buzz Nutrients was founded to always bring the best performance and quality in all stages of the life of your plants.

That's why we specialize in providing plants with a balanced range of products based on their needs, including specialty fertilizers, soil additives, plant additives, clone gel and enhancers for optimal plant growth.


Green Buzz Nutrients | ... fine selected nutrients was founded with the aim of always obtaining the best performance and quality in plants and guaranteeing it through a balanced supply of 100% organic nutrients, microelements and selected plant additives and stimulators.

Since 1999, we have been dealing with a wide range of fertilizers, plant additives, soil conditioners and growing media from a wide range of manufacturers and, until recently, were actively involved in consulting and sales to end customers.

With the founding of Green Buzz Liquids in January 2012, we initially aimed to supply based on the needs of plants in their transitional and high yield phases with specialty soil additives, plant additives and improvers. With the development of the two NPK fertilizers for the growth and flowering phase in early 2014, the range of 100% organic products was expanded step by step. At the beginning of 2015, our 100% vegan PK Booster “Organic More PK” was incorporated, completing our range of products for the moment.

Various substrate mixes and a fully automatic CPU-controlled aeroponic system and other useful cultivation tools are planned for the future, which however requires an expanded company location beforehand.

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We look forward to continuing to grow with you and your plants.

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We use only the highest quality organic raw materials. Furthermore, all products are kept within the highest possible concentration allowed in Germany and are also declared in a comprehensive list on the respective product labels. A high concentration of the products is not only ecologically sensible, because ultimately less water is transported, but also economically, where the user is rewarded with a much fairer price per liter of nutrient solution used.

Anyone, when buying a product, compares the purchase price with the expected total amount of irrigation of the product, will quickly realize how poorly he has fared with the use of other fertilizers. Due to the high concentration, the slightly higher purchase price is put into perspective after just a few applications.

In order to be able to meet your needs in the future as well, we continue to count on your comments and, of course, we always look forward to your criticisms and suggestions.

We wish you continued success using the 100% organic product series!

your Green Buzz liquids | finely selected nutrients - equipment

Our products

the green dot

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HeGreen Pointestablished and organized the world's first dual system for high-quality consumer-facing retail packaging recycling since 1990. Today it is a leading supplier of return systems. In order to release industry and trade from their obligation to collect and recycle according to the statutory packaging regulation, Der Grüne Punkt has established a second (double) waste disposal system alongside the public law system. As the first system in the world, since 1991 it recycles used sales packaging and recovers raw materials for the economic cycle. The brand "Der Grüne Punkt", created for the recycling process, is protected worldwide and is one of the best known international brands. It is used in many countries as a symbol of funding for packaging recycling. Ponto Verde is a member of the umbrella organizationPROEuropa.

label V

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The V-Label is a European Vegetarian Union uniform quality label for the labeling of vegetarian and vegan products and services.

With the start of 2020, Green Buzz Nutrients has reached yet another important milestone in terms of product transparency and labeling. Of our 14 products, 10 have already received the internationally recognized quality seal for vegan products, the V-Label. This gives users a quick guide when buying if they prefer to grow their plants with vegan products to produce a vegan end product.

Show V-Label license certificate

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It's time to get a little more personal:

By purchasing and using our range of 100% organic products, you not only benefit from the many positive benefits of growing plants and enjoy the unique natural taste of your final product, but you also actively contribute to environmental protection, for the following reasons:

In addition to its catalytic filtering effect, our Humic Acid Plus product has the ability to remove surface tension from the growing medium, so not only must less fertilizer be used per se, but these supplied nutrient salts can be absorbed more quickly. through the environment and plants. The medium absorbs the nutrient solution as effectively as possible and there is less excess nutrient solution, which in the worst case ends up in the sewer system, placing a heavy burden on our environment and water supply system.

Did you know that excess potassium, which reaches wastewater or groundwater, is responsible for an excessive accumulation of nitrates in groundwater, and that potassium as a raw material is responsible for algae in our rivers and oceans?

Since alternatives such as glass or other composite materials for the worldwide transport of our products were unfortunately not viable for reasons of environmental protection (composites between plastic and aluminum are no longer recyclable), we already partially manufacture our BIO bottles. (from sugarcane) converted proportionally.

To compensate for the remaining part of conventionally used plastic waste that we put into circulation, we decided to use the old German mandatory programs "Der Grüne Punkt" and "Lucid", whose industry money in the lobby of our German country disappears . honestly kind of out of place. In other words, the compensation rates considered for this per kilo of plastic waste (which we usually gladly pay) end up in the wrong corners of environmental protection.

It may be that in Central Europe it is partly very clean and partly still good for us, but not all people in this world have the opportunity to do this on their own doorstep due to lack of education or environmental awareness, or the Germans they they sell their plastic waste to third countries, which then dump our garbage into the oceans because they themselves are burdened with this environmental pollution that the Germans sell, or it may even be the way of the respective state.

Sadly though, the sad reality in many parts of the world today is this:

For us, the protective measures taken so far are, unfortunately, just a great stage to actively look the other way or, more directly, to the active bankruptcy of the State.

While we are confident that none of our packaging or packaging ends up carelessly in the environment or the world's ocean cycle on the part of our customers, it is still frightening to see more and more plastic wash ashore. By breaking down into microplastic particles, it ends up in our food, such as fish or shellfish.

That's why we voluntarily offset the amount of waste plastic for the third time in the hono-movement with the remaining 180 kg of materials resulting from the adhesive tape, inserts and covers and bottles.

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They fish plastic from the oceans around the world or collect it on land.

By purchasing our products you are part of this environmental change and movement and actively contribute to it for all the reasons mentioned above.

It's time to say thank you for your prediction.

Get 10% off our entire range of products (except starter kits, which are already around 40% off) when you purchase our products through our online store with a minimum order value of 100 euros with the code FFF .

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  • Get a 15% discount when paying with cryptocurrencies.

    From now on, it is also possible to pay all tradable cryptocurrencies on with 15% discount.

    Please contact us at and send us your order request with the exact items and cryptocurrencies you would like to pay for your order in.

    We will then immediately email you an order confirmation with QR code to pay the invoice, and your order will leave our factory the same day once it is released.

  • we moved

    From the beginning of 2021, you can find us at our new company location in Mannheim-Neckarau directly at GKM Mannheim.

    Altriperstr. 33, 68199 Manheim.

    Our office hours at the factory are Mon-Fri from 10am to 3:30pm and by phone no later than 4:30pm.

    Unfortunately, access to the factory store is currently only possible with prior telephone notification and with a protective mouth and nose cover.

  • Hello Community!

    Welcome to our newly revised website with our new online store for end customers with worldwide shipping from a minimum order value of €100.

    By your side even in difficult times! Due to the current situation, we have extended our availability with immediate effect. You can now contact us by phone Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. m. and 4 p.m.

    Soon you will be able to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss any more news or special promotions.
    Registration will be possible in the coming days.

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