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career prospects

Gifted teachers often work with other classroom teachers to develop assignments for advanced students in mainstream classes. Gifted teachers should strive to create a learning environment that is academically challenging for advanced students while remaining appropriate for developing student behavior. Due to the unique needs of their students, gifted and talented teachers may meet more frequently with parents and administrative teams to measure student progress and performance as part of each student's individual talent development plan.

job titles

  • Gifted Education Specialist
  • gifted educators
  • talented teacher
  • professor professor
  • Gifted and Talented Teacher (TAG)
  • Talent Resource Specialist
  • Developer of children's talents.
  • talented educator
  • Talented and Talented Educator


Students spend an average of 15 hours a week at home. All courses are 100% online and last 8 weeks.

12 credit hours for courses

EDPS 54000: Gifted, Creative and Talented Children

This course is an introduction to the intellectual, social, and emotional characteristics of gifted youth and to gifted development philosophies. Multitalented concepts of giftedness are covered, including intellectual, academic, creative, artistic, and leadership skills. Criteria for selecting materials and teaching methods are discussed, including the design of learning experiences for gifted, creative and talented young people.

EDPS 54200: Curriculum and Program Development in Gifted Education

This course introduces curriculum development and program design to meet the needs of gifted, creative, and talented students. Students are exposed to established curriculum models and programs, as well as the fundamentals of developing specialized curriculum plans, materials, and programs that support the advanced learning needs of gifted students.
Prerequisite: EDPS 54000 and EDPS 54500

EDPS 54500: Social and affective development of gifted children

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This course focuses on the social and emotional development of gifted, creative and talented students. In addition to an introduction to current educational approaches and counseling interventions, an overview of the characteristics and needs of highly gifted subpopulations, diversity issues, and family and parenting concerns is provided.
Prerequisite: EDPS 54000

EDPS 69500: Internship in Education for Gifted People

The Gifted Education Internship is offered in an asynchronous distance learning format to facilitate the individualization of assignments and relevance to the students' classroom environment. Students complete a variety of structured, self-directed activities that require students to develop more advanced skills and knowledge to support gifted, creative, and talented students. The internship experience develops thoughtful professionals who set goals for professional development, measure their progress toward those goals, and continually improve their ability to provide talent development opportunities for their students. This course requires working with gifted children in an educational setting.
Requirements: EDPS 54000, EDPS 54500 and EDPS 54200


The High Ability Licensure program is affordable and competitive.

Ablenot in the country
Total cost per credit$ 425$ 563
credit hours1212
total cost5.100 $$ 6.756

* Tuition and fees are charged per credit hour and are subject to annual increases.
*Textbooks and course materials are not included.


The program offers rolling admissions for new students in the fall, spring, and summer.

program dates

SemesterEnrollment period closedTREC registration deadline
FallenAugust 1stJuly 1st
PrimaveraDecember 15thNovember 15th
summer15th MayApril 15

Admission Requirements

Indiana Certified Educators who wish to earn the GCT certificate are eligible for High Skill Licensing through the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) upon completion of the program. To do so, they must complete the following:

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  • Successfully pass the Indiana CORE Assessment for High Ability (exam fee applies)
  • Contact the Purdue Office of Teacher Education and Licensing atlicencia@purdue.eduor (765) 494-2345, especially if you are out of state, to find out how your license applies in your state. Purdue University pays in 49 states, but you should always contact your state's admissions office for complete details.
  • An initial training license is required to apply for the High Capacity supplemental license. FORReviewing Transcripts and Reviewing Credentialsmust be prompted to start the process. The assessment can take 4 to 6 weeks. Cost is $35.

You will need the following for your admission application

  • official transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose: 300-500 word essay describing how the program will help you achieve educational and professional goals.
  • Continue
  • Knowledge of English for international students.
  • No registration fee

For more information, seePurdue's Complete Application Notesit's himChecklist for approval requests

This program is subject to our License Disclosure

The US Department of Education requires institutions to inform current and prospective students whether specific programs meet the educational requirements for licensure or certification in the state or territory in which they reside. "Professional Licensing Programs" are defined as programs designed to prepare students for a profession that requires a local, state, or federal license or non-state certification upon completion of the program.required (i) as a condition of employment, (ii) to perform certain duties, or (iii) to meet additional conditions generally required to secure employment.

Purdue University's teacher education program is nationally accredited by the Educator Readiness Accreditation Council (CAEP) and the State of Indiana. However, not all undergraduate and graduate programs lead to an Indiana educator license. If your teacher education program includes field experience(s) and an instructional or internship component for students, this may lead to an Indiana State Teacher's License if you meet the eligibility requirements. Please contact your academic advisor/teacher and/or the Office of Teacher Licensing atlicencia@purdue.eduto verify your enrollment in the program and whether or not it results in an Indiana license.

The state of Indiana has reciprocal agreements with other states, the District of Columbia and territories. For licensing information, see contact information for each state department of education or visit the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification.(NASDTEC)or email a Purdue University licensing officer/counselor atlicencia@purdue.edu.

Visitthis pageto view the Licensed Program Agreement


High Capacity Licensing - Purdue University College of Education (1)
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The program at Purdue challenged my misconceptions about gifted students and allowed me to learn more about this fascinating group of students. I was able to understand the characteristics of each student and differentiate teaching to meet their academic needs. I was able to learn strategies and techniques to apply in my classes to create valuable learning opportunities for these students and push them to reach their potential.

megan engelberto
seventh grade english teacher
Whitley County Consolidated Schools
High Capacity Licensing - Purdue University College of Education (2)

I enjoyed the program and the challenges it presented. The only downside I noticed was how long it took to identify. I think this should be directed at general education teachers and administrators. I'm already in a gifted class, so the students are already identified. I wonder how many go unnoticed because other teachers don't know how or aren't willing to adequately help high achievers.

5th grade teacher
Avon Community School Corporation
High Capacity Licensing - Purdue University College of Education (3)

I learned a lot about gifted students this year in the GCT program. I learned things that I otherwise wouldn't have known if it weren't for this GCT program. It seems easy now. But I had never heard of twice exceptional students, a special SEL curriculum for gifted students, or the ill effects of not challenging gifted and talented students. To say the least, I learned a lot of valuable knowledge from GT students.

teresa pablo
first grade teacher
MSD Wayne
High Capacity Licensing - Purdue University College of Education (4)

Purdue's gifted licensing program gave me the insight to develop a way to reach gifted students in more than the standard differentiation that occurs in the classroom. I now understand more strongly the need to build relationships with these students and their families and provide students with a safe community in which to thrive. Even as an online course, I was able to connect with my professors and classmates on a daily basis, get quick feedback, and get my questions answered quickly. Thanks for the experience!

Pleasant Hill Elementary School
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program faculty

These educators run the Gifted Education Resources and Research Institute (GER2I). GER2I is an innovative center dedicated to the discovery, research and development of human potential. Our internationally recognized faculty can work individually with students to tailor their study plan to their personal interests and career goals. This faculty will oversee the required intensive courses.

Marcia Gentry Faculty Profile
F Richard Olenchak Teacher Profile
Faculty Profile Nielsen Pereira
Kristen Seward Faculty Profile
(Video) Co-Teaching - College of Education - Purdue University

common questions

  • How many credit hours to obtain the additional license in High Ability?
    12 credit hours
  • Is High Capacity an initial license or an additional license?
    The High Capacity License Program is an additional license program. You must have your original teaching license to apply for the additional license.
  • What is the duration of the courses?
    8 weeks
  • How much time should I allocate for homework and chores?
    Plan 10-15 hours a week for course work, depending on that week's course requirements and your study habits.
  • How do I get my license to teach gifted students?
    An initial training license is required to apply for the High Capacity supplemental license. FOREvaluating transcripts and verifying certificatesmust be prompted to start the process.


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