Hitman Freelancer and Hitman 3 v3.140 patch notes (2023)

Hitman Freelancer and Hitman 3 v3.140 patch notes (1)

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Hitman World of Assassination v3.140 Patchnotizen

new content

(Video) HITMAN Freelancer Update | Patch Notes, What's New, What's Changed & Fixed | Patch 3.140

murder world


other changes

IO Interactive has released a new patch for Assassination-Em-Up hitman 3 darling, bringing not only the brand new "World of Assassination" to the game, but also an entirely new game mode.

While Hitman Freelancer is undoubtedly the star of this update, other tweaks and changes have also been made to the two year old game to breathe new life into it.

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Here then,from the official website of IO Interactive- are the featured changes for the latest Hitman update.

Hitman World of Assassination v3.140 Patchnotizen

new content

independent killer

Hitman Freelancer is a new single player mode that features roguelike elements, strategic planning and a customizable hideout. And starting today, you can become the global hunter and prepare, identify and eliminate the world's most dangerous assassination syndicates.

Nvidia DLSS 3 support

With version 3140, gamers can now enjoy additional support for DLSS Frame Generation and NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency.

DLSS framing uses AI to increase frame rates, generating additional high-quality frames and optimizing responsiveness with NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency. DLSS framing requires a GeForce RTX 40 series graphics card.


NVIDIA Reflex helps DLSS frame generation achieve peak performance while reducing latency, giving gamers a more responsive feel in-game. NVIDIA Reflex can be enabled from the graphics menu on GeForce 900 series and above.

(Video) HITMAN World of Assassination - Launch Trailer

murder world

  • We've changed many aspects of the gameplay experience to match the World of Assassination name and branding.
    • The game icon, PC launcher, splash screen and attract screen (press X to play) have been updated to new WOA branding.
    • Changed the focus of the game to include Freelancers and focus on the story. Players now have a clear choice between "Story" or "Freelancer" in the featured hub.
    • A new "LIVE" tab will be the new destination for the latest Elusive Targets, Arcade Bounties, Lineups and other pertinent content.
    • New players will now start directly at the ICA install location as we want them to start their WOA experience from the ground up.
    • We've also taken the time to update the sound effects on the "IOI" logo at game launch, update credits for working on Freelancer, and update our legal line.


  • We fixed several issues that could cause the game to crash or become unstable in various ways.

Perform revised switchover

In the October patch we added an option for players to activate a "toggle" option if they wanted 47 to run/throw/sprint. We've now expanded and updated some of these options.

keep (no change)

The player must hold down the "Execute" button

toggle (changed)

The player can press the "Execute" button at any time. Speed ​​47 persists even when he stops moving. An icon in the bottom left corner shows your current speed.

press (new)

The player must press "run" while walking. If 47 ever walked, he's going to run. If you already ran it, nothing will happen. When he stops moving, his speed goes back to walking.

other changes

Santa Fortuna: hidden statue

  • Fixed an issue where the statue involved in the Heart of Stone quest storyline was not being covered when it should have been.

difficulty difficulties

  • Fixed an issue where running a save/load loop and rescheduling a mission on a different difficulty could cause the game to not reflect the new difficulty, i.e. h No cameras and additional NPCs were added to Master difficulty.

consistency challenge

  • We've updated the menu order to sort challenges more logically. They are now displayed in numerical order, i.e. h Level 1, Level 2

agent seventeen

  • Updated the Agent 17 outfit image displayed upon unlocking the challenge to better reflect the appearance of the actual outfit in the inventory.

dance lyrics

  • Fixed an issue where words in the UI or on the game map could occasionally "dance" when the player quickly rotates the camera or scrolls the map.

Pariser audio scan

  • We've redesigned the audio properties of the Paris map to bring it in line with current standards. This work was done last year but never implemented. The following changes were made:
    • New Occlusion System: We changed the occlusion system and adjusted the lobby and sound portal settings to use our 3D propagation technology instead of 2D. This provides a more realistic propagation from room to room, for example hearing the fountain water in the entryway when you are in the third floor attic.
    • The (iconic) music of the parade itself now uses an occlusion modifier to ensure smooth propagation throughout the palace without interruptions. Finally, the broken glass windows now function as sound ports, allowing you to hear audio through them, which wasn't possible before.
    • Improved sound capabilities and variations: We've added new positional 3D and background sound capabilities inside and outside the Palace to add more variation and fidelity to the ambient sound.
    • Improved mob propagation: We configured mob templates and updated the mob to the HITMAN 3 system, which uses 3D specialization instead of 2D loops. This means they can now be heard in adjacent rooms and from a greater distance, resulting in a more natural and immersive experience.
    • Added Impulse Response Reverbs – We've replaced our algorithmic reverbs to give every room a more realistic set of reverbs to simulate each room, making them more believable.
    • Full Mix Pass: We created new Wwise events and full mix passed through the entire level based on the mix patterns we introduced in HITMAN 3 locations.

ready to harvest

  • Fixed an issue where the Ripe to Pick Trophy/Achievement could be unlocked in Mendoza on Haven Island.

Hawke's Bay Puddle

  • Removed a floating puddle visible from the beach in Hawke's Bay. After doing this, it was clear that there were visible "seam lines" that were accidentally hidden by the puddle. We've also now fixed this little issue by removing the puddle decals along with some vortex paint from the seams.


  • Fixed an issue where 47 was considered trespassing on several flights of stairs between the basement and the main hall, despite his disguise being allowed in that area.
    • While this was reported as an issue, fixed, reopened and difficult to reproduce, we now believe it is fully resolved as a rogue zone leads down from the stairs at the top to the hallway below where the issue occurred. This particular intrusion zone doesn't go down far enough to reach 47 feet, so it shouldn't have mattered, but now that we've tweaked it, the problem has recurred ever since. So there you have it.

paris light

  • Fixed an issue where various lighting issues could occur in the "second room" after the main room in Paris. Certain lights would not appear, others would flicker or disappear from space due to distance, and nearby shadows would also disappear just before the lights, causing a "twinkle" effect. Changing the light settings or enabling ray tracing did not change these issues.

Mumbai Tower tragedy

  • Fixed an issue where Agent 47 could go off-map in Mumbai. You could say it was his fault for taming an NPC from a hideout near Crow's watchtower, but we wouldn't say that to his face. So we added a collision box to keep it where it needs to be.

Next level fade-in

  • Fixed an issue where one of Rico Delgado's guards in Santa Fortuna would become part of the wall to surprise 47.

There is no escalation for you

  • Fixed an issue where Agent 47 could "climb" a tree near the cocoa plantation to get out of bounds. If the world's greatest killer isn't interested in jumping, then we don't think he's interested in climbing. We now block this particular area.

instinctive recording

(Video) Hitman 3 v3.140 | Core i5 4590 | Nvidia 1050ti | Gameplay #Hitman3 #Hitmanv3.140

  • Fixed an issue where some security cameras would not appear in Instinct after 47 used the "camera" tool in his inventory.

puzzle room

  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to use the Hide Menu prompt when using the 47's camera to take a photo near a door. That's because prodding him was the same as opening the door and that created a problem. We simply reassigned the Hide Menu flag to prevent this.

miami money

  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could climb the small walls/barriers at both ends of the tunnel (underground passage) at the start of the level.

The second savior of Sapienza

  • Fixed an issue where The Prince Elusive Target (included in The Deceits Arcade contract) could use the same scramble point as Agent 47 in the church. Now we have given both their own place.

Black Almond True SA

  • Fixed an issue where the Black Almond Dagger (Haven Island Mastery Unlock) had no sound effects when attacking NPCs from all directions.

Hokkaido stem-cells

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from using stem cells as a method of killing because a certain surgeon would fail his routine.

The Universe 47

  • We have removed Hokkaido Spa as a possible location for sick NPCs. Like Bangkok's breadbasket, it didn't seem appropriate (don't ask us if it ever was).
    • However, for all your poison emetic needs, we've added a new outside spa at the base of the ramp.

gauntlet powers

  • Fixed an issue where the Signature outfit with gloves would not get wet in Chongqing rain. The regular signature outfit does, so it must have something to do with the gloves.

invisible flash case

  • Fixed an issue where activating a remote controlled explosive beam that was hidden in a briefcase would cause the briefcase to remain functional but completely invisible. Detonating a hidden explosive will now cause the briefcase to "burn" and render it unusable.

Legal issues

  • Fixed an issue where 47 would be referred to as "Mr. Bravuomo", the good man of Landslide, while wearing the lawyer costume in Dartmoor. He should have been called "Mr Ford", the royal barrister on the map of Dartmoor. We have not recorded specific lines for the Dartmoor solicitor, so the guards will find other, more general ways to ensure that 47 receives a proper salute.

controller project

  • A change has been made so that the controller layout displayed on the pause screen now updates to reflect a player's options for holding or switching. These options were implemented in our October 2022 patch, but the driver image remained static with default settings. It is now dynamic for your selection.

Shooter timer issues

  • Fixed an issue where the score screen displayed after completing a Sniper Assassin mission would show as 00:00 but display correctly on leaderboards. It was basically just a visual issue on that first screen. We've now fixed a few things so that the correct time is always displayed.

apron trim

  • Fixed an issue where aprons would not display correctly and would appear to blend in with the character model. This issue was caused by a fix we made for another issue where women's aprons were not visible from the back but looked good on the front. Modified and adjusted the properties of all aprons to render them without clipping.

rocky terrain

  • Fixed an issue in Ambrose where an NPC would hit his chair when picking up a magazine. This was because the chair was not completely level with the floor. Also fixed similar instances where NPCs would get up and get distracted after sitting "on" chairs.

Missing AI dialog

  • Fixed several issues, most notably on Ambrose Island where certain character dialogue would not trigger correctly. This includes the missing guard dialogue with 47 acting suspiciously in disguise or substitute robotic voices that fire in place of the final shots.

double wetsuits

  • Fixed an issue where players would see two identical versions of the Guerrilla Wetsuit in the planning phase after unlocking it through the Ambrose Island Mastery path.

barrel shadow

  • Fixed an issue where some fire barrel shadows, particularly on Ambrose Isle, looked unrealistic. changes were made.

New Feature: Division of elusive targets from race location

  • On the Careers page, we've broken down the overview of hard-to-achieve objectives between Year 1 and Year 2. This was done to help players keep track of completed or failed ETs.

last stop

  • Kicking/pushing NPCs off the train in Carpathians did not always count as a kill. It does now, so use it with care.

casual dental hygiene

  • The Bubble Queen Gum Pack is a delicious Seven Deadly Sins unlock, but unfortunately it was deemed an illegal item on Casual difficulty. This has now been changed so you can munch on it in peace.

It explodes with particles and muffins.

  • The rolls are delicious. But they can also be a powerful tool, especially when it comes to running fast. Fixed the "issue" where players could use buns to their advantage to get better times by leveraging them. The problem is, we don't plan on fixing this because we like the content that came with it. Therefore, we will be reintroducing the bun trick in a patch later this year. Until then, sorry speedrunners!

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Hitman Freelancer and Hitman 3 v3.140 patch notes (5)

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(Video) HITMAN 3 Update | Patch Notes, What's New, What's Changed & Fixed | Patch 3.100

January 20, 2021

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