Hogan announces 'buy a local cookout menu' (2023)


Annual July 19 signing event urges all Marylanders to "Buy Local, Eat Fresh"


Governor Larry Hogan announced the 18 recipes that will be featured at the 11th annual Buy Local Cookout, celebrating Maryland's Buy Local Challenge Week. (Maryland Department of Agriculture)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Governor Larry Hogan announced the 18 recipes that will be featured at the 11th annual Buy Local Cookout, which celebrates Maryland's Buy Local Challenge Week from July 21-29 and encourages all Marylanders to eat al fresco. least one locally grown, manufactured, or harvested product each day. . The barbecue, hosted by Governor Hogan and First Lady Yumi Hogan, will take place at the Government Palace on July 19.

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"Our state has a variety of farms and a world-class fishing industry," Governor Hogan said. “The Buy Local cookout is a great reminder of the many benefits of buying produce grown and produced by farmers and fishermen in Maryland. I encourage all Marylanders to join me in the Buy Local Challenge."

Earlier this year, Governor Hogan invited teams of local chefs and producers to submit original recipes that highlighted the diversity of Maryland's produce. About 27 recipes were submitted; and 16 were selected. Chefs from the First Lady and Government House will prepare an appetizer and a dessert for the barbecue.

Recipes were selected based on ingredient availability, geographic representation, maximum use of local ingredients, and creativity. This year, there are also recipes from student chefs in the Culinary Arts Program at Talbot County Public Schools, the ProStart Culinary Team at Annapolis High School, and the Caroline Career and Technology Center.

All submitted recipes will be published in a cookbook titled 2018 Buy Local Cookout Recipes, which includes wine, beer or spirits recommendations from the Maryland Winery Association, Maryland Brewers Association and Maryland Distillers Guild. The cookbook will be available online next month after completion.

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The following recipes have been selected to prepare on the barbecue:


  • Cornbread Crostini with Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Peach Compote, and Black and Blue Goat CheesePresented by Monica Becks of Bon Appétit Management Company at St. John's College in Anne Arundel County with growers Matt Cedro of Firefly Farms in Garrett County for black and blue goat cheeses; John Maniscalco of the Chesapeake Greenhouse in Queen Anne County for microgreens and herbs; and Grandview Farms in Harford County for pork belly.
  • Delmarva oystersSent by Peter Roskovich of Black Diamond Catering of Wicomico County with producer Bennett Mumford of Worcester County Mumford Shellfish to the Chincoteague Salt Shaker farm that raised Maryland oysters.
  • East Coast Ham and Cheese Crackers, presented by Linda Brown of the Talbot County Public Schools Culinary Arts Program with producers Jared and Trish Boyce of Chapel's Country Creamery in Talbot County for artisan cheese; Jennifer Debnam of Langenfelder Pork in Kent County for ham; Jimmy and Gina Schillinger of Papa John's Farm in Anne Arundel County for sweet potatoes; Francis Blazjak of Caroline County for sweet potatoes; and Roy Madsen of Harris Creek Honey in Talbot County for honey.
  • Miss Shirley's Yellow Tomato Gazpacho with Large Chunks of Crab Meat and Corn Relishsubmitted by Brigitte Bledsoe of Miss Shirley's Cafe in Baltimore City with grower Robin Bartenfelder of Bartenfelder Farms in Caroline County for white corn and cucumber; and Aubrey Vincent of Lindy's Seafood in Dorchester County for giant crab meat.
  • Smoke on the Water, presented by Alfredo Malinis of Jailbreak Brewing Company in Howard County with growers Kevin McLaren of The Choptank Oyster Company in Dorchester County for Choptank Sweets oysters; Dave Liker of Gorman Farms in Howard County for watermelon, onion, chives and tarragon; and Michael Sallustio of MikeGro Greens in Anne Arundel County for microgreen sweet corn sprouts.
  • Legume Cheesecake, presented by Katie Barney of Conduit Press in Talbot County with growers Michelle and Charles Wright of Wright's Market in Wicomico County for tomatoes, red bell peppers, squash or zucchini, basil and garlic.


  • Korean Style Pork Belly SaladPresented by Therese Harding of Baltimore County's The Classic Catering People with producers Lisa Duff of Baltimore County's Oak Spring Farm for Green Beans, Boston Bibb Salad; and Tom Albright of Albright Farms in Baltimore County for pork belly.

Appetizers / Main Course

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  • Caroline Blue Catfish Taco, presented by Shawn Harlan, Samantha Hamilton, Jordan Albrecht and Reese Trippett of the Culinary Arts Program at the Caroline Career & Technology Center in Caroline County with producers Mel Hickman of the Chester River Clam Company in Queen Anne County for Chesapeake Blue Catfish; Clayton Farms in Caroline County for cabbage, cilantro, sweet corn and tomatoes; and Harris Farms in Caroline County for tomatoes, radishes, jalapenos, sweet corn and chives.
  • Crispy Blue Corn Catfish with Cilantro Lime Corn Seasoning and Maryland YumYum Sauce, presented by Fran Freeburg of the ProStart Culinary Team at Annapolis High School in Anne Arundel County with producers Mel Hickman of the Chester River Clam Company in Queen Anne County for Chesapeake Blue Catfish; and Lockbriar Farms of Kent County for corn, peppers and onions.
  • Crab and Tomato Duo (Crab Mola with Crab and Corn Ragu, Pickled Tomato and Tomato Coulis), presented by David Wells of Evolution Craft Brewing Company & Public House in Wicomico County with producer Andy Holloway of Baywater Farms in Wicomico County for Bell Peppers and Tomatoes.
  • Dawson's Lamb T-bone steak with ratatouille and white bean gratinPresented by Richard Stafford of Dawson's Market in Montgomery County with growers Mark Mills of Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm in Montgomery County for onions, zucchini, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, tomatoes and basil; and Shawn Ewbank of Rockland's Farm in Montgomery County for T-bone rack of lamb.
  • Kimchi-Hamburguesahosted by Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan with producer Tom Albright of Albright Farms in Baltimore County for grass-fed beef; Jason Trippett of Hoffman's Quality Meats in Washington County for ground beef; Tim Fields of Baywater Farms in Wicomico County for Bibb Lettuce; John Maniscalco of the Chesapeake Greenhouse in Queen Anne County for Bibb Salat; and Robin Bartenfelder of Bartenfelder Farms in Caroline County for tomatoes.
  • Maryland's Best Burger with Mountain Pepper Sauce and Fresh Herb Aiolihosted by Kevin Cauthorne of Myth and Moonshine in Baltimore City with producer Tom Albright of Albright Farms for grass-fed beef; Joao Noroña from Chile Compeño in the city of Baltimore for Mountain Pepper Salsa; and Larry Hountz of City-Hydro Microgreens in Baltimore City for Microgreens.
  • Porco Poblano, hosted by Jesse Ramirez of JesseJay's Latin Inspired Kitchen in Anne Arundel County with producer Aaron Kushner of MeatCrafters, Inc. in Prince George's County for pork; and Victor Vazquez of Moctec Mexican Products in Prince George's County for fresh tortillas.
  • Slow Cooked Baby Ribs With Bourbon Barbecue Saucehosted by Mark Fuster of Blue Sky Bar and Grill in Frederick County with producer Mickey Wagner of Wagner Meats & Mt. Airy Locker Co. in Frederick County for baby back ribs and ground pork shoulder.
  • Slow Roasted Goat Tacos with Corn Succotash, presented by Craig Sewell of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission and Southern Maryland Meats in St. Mary County with producers Benson Tiralla of Monnett Farms in Calvert County for goat meat; David Paulk of Sassafras Creek Farm in St. Maria, for the vegetables; and Nottingham Store Taqueria in Prince George's County for tortillas.


  • Bread pudding with fruit brioche from the Blades garden with sweet rum cream from Lyonhosted by Jordan L. Lloyd of Nauti's Restaurant and Chesapeake Harvest of Talbot County with Stephen Blades of Blades Orchard Caroline County growers for seasonal orchards; and Jamie Windon of the Lyon Distilling Company in Talbot County for rum.
  • Peach Ricotta Cheesecake Bars, presented by Medford Canby Government House chefs Matthew Milani and Hum Porciello with producers Nice Farms Creamery in Caroline County for butter, milk and cream; Triple J Farm in Caroline County for eggs; and Stephen Blades of Blades Orchard in Caroline County for the peaches.

The Maryland Brewers Association, Maryland Distillers Guild, Maryland Winery Association, Honest Tea, George's Mixes and Greenstreet Nursery are also donating supplies for the barbecue. Selected teams of students who use blue catfish in their recipe receive product donations from the Chester River Clam Company. Additionally, dairy farms on Maryland's Best Ice Cream Trail offer ice cream. Geckos provide musical entertainment.

In its 2010 and 2012 Policy Choice Poll, the University of Baltimore's Schaefer Center for Public Policy found that more than 78 percent of Marylanders said they would like to buy produce grown by a Maryland farmer. The purpose of the Buy Local Challenge is to raise awareness about the benefits of local food and farms so that Marylanders can become more familiar and frequent consumers of fresh, local produce. The Buy Local Challenge was created by the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission in 2006 and has become a state initiative.

Buying local preserves farmland, protects the environment, strengthens the local economy, and provides healthy, nutritious, and tasty fresh food. To learn more about Maryland's Buy Local Week challenge and to sign up to commit to eating local, visit the official website. At Maryland's Best, you'll find local Maryland produce and seafood, a farmer's market, and much more.

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Maryland Department of Agriculture


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