Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (2023)

A short Lake Bled vacation ticking off all the main attractions of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, as well as Slovenia's capital Ljubljana.

duration of time

2 nights / 3 days


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Spend a short vacation at Lake Bled, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia

Visit top Bled attractions including Bled Castle and Bled Island

Spend a day nearby Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park

Take a trip to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana

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MarkingWhat will we do
BRAND 1bleeding
DIA 2Bohinj
BRAND 3Laibach

DAY 1 - The best of Lake Bled

Your Lake Bled vacation starts with the most popular attractions: we visit the splendorbled castlewith its spectacular views and enjoy a traditional boat ride to theIslandin the middle of the lake. You can tag the famousindented cream cakeand enjoy the bustling resort of Bled. You can spend the rest of the day in and around Bled or decide to drive to BledVintgar-Schlucht*for a little walk.

99 steps on the island of Bled
Steep slope and steps at Bled Castle
3 km (1.8 miles) walk into Vintgar Gorge*
*CLOSED in winter


Spend the night at a hotel in Bled.


Entrance fee to Bled Castle
Traditional pletna boat trip to Bled island


bled castle
Insel Bled
lake bled

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Church entrance on the island of Bled
Ticket to Vintgar Gorge*

TAG 2 - Triglav National Park

Bohinjer Seeit's the slightly less famous, but unfairly, neighbor of Bled. Surrounded by the peaks ofAlpes Julianos, is a real gem in the heart ofTriglav National Park. For the best view, we took the cable car to the top.Vogelberg, which towers over the lake and offers some of the best views in the country. If you want to take a short walk,Savica Waterfalll** nestled at the end of the Bohinj Valley is another must-see.


Spend the night at a hotel in Bled.




Ride on the Vogelbergbahn
Entrance to Savica Waterfall


Bohinjer See
Savica Waterfall

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Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (14)

Mostnica Gorge

Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (15)

Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (16)

Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (17)

DAY 3 - The capital of Slovenia

A visit to Slovenia must include a stop in its charming capital,Laibach. A short drive from Bled, this charming town welcomes you with its lively atmosphere and beautiful architecture.

ANDwalktakes you to all the important sights in the old town and for a change of perspective we take you on a nice walkBoat tripon the Ljubljana River. To ensure you can see it all, we head to one of the best vantage points, theBurg von Ljubljana,and visit all the different exhibitions it has to offer.




Rundgang durch Ljubljana
Boat trip on the river Ljubljanica
Entrance to Ljubljana Castle with funicular ride


Burg von Ljubljana
Ljubljana city center
Rio Ljubljanica

Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (18)

Upper Square of Ljubljana

Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (19)

Plaza Preseren e Ljubljana

Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (20)

Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (21)

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Holidays on Lake Bled - Holidays in Slovenia (23)

additional days

why not spendfew more daysin slovenia? Extend your vacation with aExtension before or after vacation. Accommodation, tours and activities can be arranged. Add as many extra days as you like to your vacation.

Would you like to make some changes?

Bespoke Holidays - Tell us what works for you and we'll make it happen.

Customize your vacation

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English speaking guide*

convenient transportation*

2 nights in 3* accommodation with breakfast

All entrance fees as per itinerary.

* not included in self-guided tours

optional extract

Bleeding wine tasting

Spend your vacation inlake bledIt's fantastic value for money as it includes all thebest attractionsof Bled - from the romantic periodIslandMitten im Seecastillowith a spectacular view,Bohinjer SeeinsideTriglav National Park, like thisLaibach, the beautiful capital not to be missed.

packed withtouroccasions,natural beautyjrich cultureWhile you still have plenty of free time, you have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday on Lake Bled and truly experience the magic of beautiful Slovenia.campo. And that's exactly what a short break on Lake Bled is all about!

Laibach,The most beautiful green capital in Europe, you will surely love it while walking through the streets. Ljubljana's charming squares, colorful markets, majestic hilltop castle and bustling riverside cafes are full of culture and architectural splendor that will make you want to move permanently.

For an enjoyable vacation in Slovenia, a vacation on Lake Bled is the perfect choice!


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Pick up and drop off included in the price published on our website at the end of the holiday is in Bled. If there are any changes, please let us know at the time of booking. Included transfers are all transfers between locations and/or activities specified in the itinerary.

Both our back office team and our guides know where to go. We can give you recommendations or even reserve some seats for you in advance. You can be adventurous and find places on your own. Anyway, let us know if you need help.

It is important to dress appropriately for the season. Slovenia has all 4 seasons, so check the weather forecast for temperatures and precipitation before your day trip. When you're near the Alps, the weather can change quickly, so it's always best to pack an extra layer. We recommend shoes that you are comfortable with.

It really depends on the level of your disability. Vegetarian options are quite easy to find in Slovenia, while vegan dishes are extremely difficult to find in rural areas of the country and in smaller cities. Remember that the places where we stop for lunch are often traditional and it can be difficult to accommodate you outside the standard menu. We encourage you to keep this in mind.

Yes! Our vacations are designed to give you free time each day to relax and enjoy as you please. After all, it's your vacation! For advice and suggestions, you can always contact your guide or our secretariat, who will be happy to help you.

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