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public resources

public resources

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Garbage Collection and Recycling:

  • Garbage and recycling must be left by 6:00am for curbside pickup. M. Monday morning. It can also be set after 6 p.m. Sunday night.
  • Normal payout day: Monday
  • Holiday pickup day: Tuesday
  • On the public holidays listed below, the Monday fees do not apply if they fall on a Monday. Day off: Tuesday.
    • New Year
    • the monuments
    • independence Day
    • working day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Day

Autumn Leaves Collection:

  • It starts in mid-October and lasts until December, weather permitting.

Collection of hazardous household waste:

landing site:

  • Middleburg Heights Service Center
    7375 Engle Street

Collection date:

  • Primavera
    Friday, April 30, 2021
    8h – 15h
  • Sommer
    Friday 13 August 2021
    8h – 15h
  • Cair
    Friday 29 October 2021
    8h – 15h

MONITORING:Items will only be accepted in the service garage on the specified collection dates.

Fragment Daily Collection:

landing site:

  • Middleburg Heights Service Center
    7375 Engle Street

pick-up date:

  • Sommer
    Saturday 19 June 2021
    9h – 12h
  • Cair
    Saturday 30 October 2021
    9h – 12h
more resources

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Recycling and Solid Waste Guide 2022

For more information, download the guideopens here in a new window.

Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (2)

Information about the recycling truck

For more information download the brochureopens here in a new windowor visit:www.ReciclajeSimplificado.com

Extended opening hours at service center dumpsters

The Service Center dumpsters are located at the Middleburg Heights Service Center, 7375 Engle Road and are available to residents.justoneWednesday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m PN.Have suitable identification ready upon request.

out of Saturday April 15, 2023the containers of the service center are openevery first and third Saturday of the monthuntil October 20238:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon).These are the dates for Saturdays:15. Aprilº, 6. MayºMi 20º, June 3thirdmi 17º, July 1call upmi 15º, 5.8ºmi 19º, 2.9North Dakotami 16º, 7. OctoberºMi 21call up.

Solid waste collection

Household waste collection is carried out by a private company that hires the city government to provide services on a weekly basis. All household waste is picked up once a week on Mondays.

Garbage must be left by 6:00am for curbside pickup. M. Monday morning. It can also be set after 6 p.m. Sunday night.

(Video) Waste Management and Recycling

Leftover food should be drained and placed in a plastic bag. Sharp objects, broken glass, syringes, etc. should be placed in a separate container before being placed in a bag or jar.

Required containers

  • Plastic bags left at the curb must be securely tied and must not exceed 40 pounds.
  • Garbage containers must be made of plastic or metal.
  • Container sizes - 20 gallon minimum to 35 gallon maximum
  • All containers must have lids and handles for lifting
  • The maximum weight of the container and its contents must not exceed 50 pounds.
  • Cartons are to be broken open and stacked next to the containers.
  • Most non-hazardous household waste, including furniture, televisions, mattresses, and appliances, can be made available for curbside pickup.


Monday collections will not be conducted on the public holidays listed below if they fall on or are observed on a Monday.

  • New Year
  • the monuments
  • independence Day
  • working day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Removal of refrigerant/freon

Refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc. They require special handling mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A certified contractor must remove the refrigerant and the unit must have a label advising of such removal before these items can be placed at the curb for removal. Remember to remove the fridge and freezer doors.


Latex paint can be placed with normal household waste for curbside collection. Leftover paint should either dry in the can or be mixed well with kitty litter or sand before discarding in open cans. Containers filled with latex paint can be donated to charities that accept these products.

weight limits

Household refuse for curbside pickup must be disposed of 5 feet from the curb in 20- to 35-gallon trash cans or plastic bags not exceeding 50 pounds each. Avoid placing broken glass, syringes, or loose sharps in plastic bags.

Hedge posts, twigs and branches must be securely tied and no longer than 4 feet in length and 45 pounds in weight.

excluded item

Building materials derived from construction, renovation, repair, or demolition work, and large auto parts derived from a dwelling unit are excluded from curbside pickup. Waste from commercial contractors is also excluded.

Heavy and bulky junk items

These items will be picked up when properly presented for pickup:

  • household appliances, furniture, etc.
  • Rug - rolled and tied in 4 foot sections separate from the batting
  • Tables and swings etc. - unassembled
  • Fridges, Freezers – DOORS REMOVED – FREON REMOVED

Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (3)

Five ways to recycle properly

Done right, recycling is an easy way to save the planet.

Would you like to do your part to preserve the earth for generations to come? Don't know how to participate? Recycling is an easy way to make a difference to save the planet and have a better present and future.

5 ways to properly recycle:

  1. Leave recyclables loose, not in bags.Plastic bags should not be thrown in the trash or in the recycling bin. Plastic bags get tangled up in sorting machines at recycling plants, causing major problems in the recycling process. Plastic bags can be recycled at many retail stores including Giant Eagle, Lowe's Home Improvement, Marc's, Target and Walmart.
  2. Make sure it's clean and empty.Flush waste from boxes, containers, bottles and jars, or other recyclable materials that may contain food debris. For example, greasy pizza boxes are unacceptable.
  3. Stay dry. When it comes to paper and board, keeping it dry is critical to the recycling process. Please also smooth out all the boxes.
  4. I don't want cycles.Do you think you can throw everything in the trash and everything will be solved at the recycling plant? think again Recycling just these five key items is crucial: cans, boxes, glass, paper and plastic, and plastic bottles and jugs.
  5. Join a social media community.Share a post. Make a story. Interact with social media accounts in your community. You can find the Cuyahoga County accounts atFacebook,blood,Instagram,YoutubemiLinkedIn.

Once you've learned how to recycle, you can also learn about a variety of other green topics, from composting to zero-waste living. There are seemingly endless ways to reduce, reuse and recycle to become cleaner and greener today and tomorrow.

About the Cuyahoga County Waste District

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District is the public entity that helps the people of Cuyahoga County reduce, reuse, and recycle waste at home, at work, and in their communities. We serve as the county's primary resource for information, knowledge, and programs that support sustainable materials management and reduce the environmental impact of waste.

VisitOpens in a new windowwww.CuyahogaRecycles.orgor call 216.443.3749 to learn more about recycling in your community and to discover other recycling and disposal options.

CliqueOpens in a new windowHereMore information on plastics.

CliqueOpens in a new windowHereto learn more about simplified recycling.

recyclable items

recyclable items


Please recycle all glass beverage bottles and glasses. Rinse container and remove lid and neck rings. The paper labels do not need to be removed. Don't add pesticide or herbicide containers, used window panes, lightbulbs, mirrors or pottery; throw them away


Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (4)For more information on plastics, clickOpens in a new windowHere.

aluminum steel and cans

Recycle washed aluminum and steel cans. Remove the paper from the cans and place them in blue recycling bags at the curb along with the plastic and glass. Aluminum cans can also be taken to our dumpster behind our fire station on Bagley Road. You can recycle cans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Proceeds will be donated to the Metro Burn Unit.


To facilitate your recycling efforts, you may place all newspapers in the blue bin (as well as other items including but not limited to magazines, color and glossy prints, and e-waste).

Paper containers

We hired River Valley Paper Company to set up dedicated green and yellow bins at eight locations to recycle all types of paper products including newspapers, magazines, catalogues, e-waste, school and office paper, envelopes, shredded paper, sticky notes, paperbacks, Computer and fax paper, poster paper, folders and colored construction paper. Colorful and bright prints are included. please visitOpens in a new windowwww.rivervalleypaper.com/for more informations. River Valley Paper Company waste bins are located at the following locations:

  • City Service Center, 7375 Engle Road
  • Polaris Carreras Center, 7285 Old Oak Blvd.
  • Distributech, 6930 Engle Road
  • Big Creek Grundschule, 7247 Big Creek Parkway
  • St Bartholomew's Church/School, 14865 Bagley Road
  • Pleasant Hills Vereinigte Methodistenkirche, 13200 E. Bagley Rd.
  • Midpark High School PTA, 7000 Paula Drive
  • Iglesia Luterana Bethel, 7171 Pearl Road
  • Kirche Christi, 7165 Big Creek Parkway
  • Imprenta Minuteman, 6886 Pearl Road
  • PIP Marketing and Printing Services, 7007 Engle Road
  • UPS Supply Chain Solutions, 6940 Engle Road


The City of Middleburg Heights has established a cardboard recycling program. The box is conveniently located at the Service Center at 7375 Engle Road. The dumpster is near the River Valley Paper Company dumpsters, next to the dumpsters.


Home computing equipment such as CPUs, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, terminals, modems, software and other peripherals and accessories can be brought to our City Service Center at 7375 Engle Road every Friday from 8am to 3pm year round. For more information, please visitwww.cuyahogarcycles.org/. Businesses can also bring their computer equipment to RET3 Job Corp., 1814 E. 40th St., Cleveland, OH 44114 any day of the year. Call (216) 361-9991. TVs and other electronic devices are not accepted.

Hazardous household waste

Curbside collection of hazardous household waste is not permitted. For more details, see the list below:

Accepted household materials

  • Oil or solvent based paints, sealers, primers or coatings (spray or liquid)
  • Lacquers, polyurethanes, shellac
  • Ink Thinner, Mineral Water, Terebinthine
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
  • Caustic household cleaners
  • pool chemicals
  • Automotive fluids, motor oil, car batteries
  • Adhesives, roof tar, driveway sealant
  • Kerosene, petrol, lighter fluid
  • Mercury

Materials will NOT be accepted

  • Latexmalerei
  • Explosives, gunpowder, ammunition, flares
  • Medical waste, pharmaceuticals, medicines, sharp objects (needles)
  • Radioactive waste (e.g. smoke detectors)
  • Tires
  • electronics, household appliances

car tires and batteries

Car, truck and other vehicle tires are not eligible for curbside pickup. Contact a tire dealer or service station to dispose of these items properly. Car batteries are not accepted for curbside pickup. They must be recycled at battery dealers or service stations.

propane cylinders

Propane tanks pose a fire and explosion hazard and cannot be picked up curbside. These tanks must be recycled by propane dealers and retail stores that sell propane, such as Lowe's and The Home Depot.

(Video) Recycling for Kids | Recycling Plastic, Glass and Paper | Recycle Symbol | Kids Academy


Mercury is a health hazard that is unacceptable for curbside pickup. To dispose of mercury free of charge, call the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District at (216) 443-3749 for disposal location information.

rechargeable batteries

Batteries contain harmful substances and must not be disposed of with household waste. These batteries can be recycled by the store they were purchased from. For more information on recycling seeOpens in a new windowhttps://cuyahogarcycles.org/recyclables/batteries.

Bürgersteig-Recycling in Middleburg Heights


The City of Middleburg Heights offers weekly curbside recycling for city residents. Combine cans, boxes, glass, paper and cartons, and loose (unwrapped) plastic bottles and jars in the provided 18-gallon recycling bins or blue recycling bags. Blue bags can be purchased at many stores that sell garbage bags, or you can use blue grocery bags. Place the recycling bin on the curb next to your rubbish for collection on your scheduled pick-up day. Although recyclables should be brought in at the same time as the trash, recyclables may be picked up at different times that day.

The do's and don'ts of recycling

To reduce pollution from recycling, we want to make sure our residents are informed about the right products that can and cannot be recycled.

ForPlastic, Residents should do the tug test: if you put your finger in the plastic, it's too brittle to recycle.

Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (5)

ForAluminiumresidents must empty and clean their material and follow the instructions below:

Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (6)

PapierThey should always be kept separate from the plastic, even if they come from the same packaging. Here are some paper recycling rules:

Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (7)

RecycledMapIt must be a clean and dirt-free product:

Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (8)

For more information on how to recycle responsibly, visitOpens in a new windowReciclajeSimplificado.com.

Empty or obsolete propane tanks and fire extinguishers

Empty or obsolete propane tanks and fire extinguishers

propane cylinders

Propane tanks should NEVER be thrown in the curbside trash can. We also cannot accept them on our HHW summary.Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (9)Blue Rhino locations offer a Free #20 Rack Tank Recycling Program. If you have a gas grill propane tank that you no longer need and want to recycle, write “RECYCLE” on the tank and take it to any one you likeLocation of the blue rhino. Blue Rhino will pick up the tank and rebuild it if possible. If the tank does not meet the company's safety and quality standards, the tank will be recycled. Blue Rhino accepts any standard gas grill tank, including other brands.find a location. #20 propane bottles can also be swapped out for free at the store where you bought your new tank. Check with your local dealer for details. Small propane or butane canisters for a camping stove, lantern, or flashlight (usually 2# or less) are non-refillable and can be recycled through ajunkyard. Make sure the canister is empty by connecting it to the device it's being used with and running the gas until it runs out. or use

a tool

to unzip the item. If scrap recycling is not available and all the gas is released, the canister can be disposed of in the trash. Refrigerant gas, sweat tanks and medical bottles must be disposed of or recycled by the company from which they were purchased or received. Local companies that recycle tanks and other gas cylinders include AAA Gas Supply (216.228.4800) and Air Gas Great Lakes (216.241.1696). You can also do empty tanks at a local recycling companyjunkyard. When all recycling options have been exhausted, tanks from a grill or household stove can be disposed of atProgram for the disposal of hazardous household waste. Businesses must contract with an approved environmental services company for proper disposal or recycling. see oursDirectory of recycling companies.

fire extinguisher

Metal fire extinguishers can be recharged instead of discarded when empty unless manufactured before 1984. Plastic fire extinguishers are not recyclable and should be thrown away with the regular trash when empty.Middleburg Heights Trash and Recycling Information (10)Fire extinguishers consist of a portable, cylindrical pressure vessel, usually made of steel or aluminum, and a deployable extinguishing agent. There are two main types of fire extinguishers: storage pressure and cartridge. Pressure tank fire extinguishers are the most common and usually contain a dry chemical extinguishing agent. The dry chemical is usually monoammonium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, or potassium bicarbonate, all of which are considered non-toxic. Very old fire extinguishers (before 1960) may contain carbon tetrachloride, a known carcinogen. If you have a pre-1960 fire extinguisher that contains carbon tetrachloride, contact your localSolid Waste District.

How should an old fire extinguisher be disposed of?

If it's not empty:

The housing is usually made of steel or aluminum and can be recycled. Recyclers will not accept containers that are not empty, so you must first discard all of the contents. Discharge outdoors, away from children or pets. Eye protection and mask are recommended when unloading.

  • Pull the pin out of the fire extinguisher. this unlocks the operating handle.
  • Squeeze the lever on the handle to unload the contents.
  • Point it down and pour the contents into a bucket or other container.

When you have emptied the contents of the fire extinguisher and nothing comes out, remove the container lid; This tells the recycler that the fire extinguisher is empty. Remove all plastic parts (plastic parts belong in the trash) and take them to a junkyard for recycling. Discard collected non-toxic dry chemical in trash.

If it's empty:

  • Squeeze the lever on the handle to ensure all content is downloaded.
  • Remove the head so the recycler knows the bin is empty.
  • Recycled steel body. Once the head is removed, the container can be taken to a junkyard.

Do not throw empty fire extinguishers in the curbside recycling bin. For a list of Cuyahoga County businesses that properly dispose of fire extinguishers, including commercial products, visit ourDirectory of recycling companies.

Foliage collection begins October 17, 2022 for residents of Middleburg Heights.

  • Please rake your leaves onto the lawn.
  • Don't throw the leaves on the street.
  • No twigs, sticks, rocks, metal, animal waste, etc - "just leaves".

Residents can expect to receive a pickup every seven to 10 days. There will be a minimum of four full-service citywide pickups throughout the season (and more if needed).

Leaf collection season is October, November and December depending on weather conditions.

(Video) Giant Floating Islands of Trash – World’s Largest Garbage Dumps

landing site:

Middleburg Heights Service Center
7375 Engle Street

Collection date:

Friday April 28, 2023
8h – 15h

Friday 11 August 2023
8h – 15h

Friday 27 October 2023
8h – 15h

MONITORING:Items will only be accepted in the service garage on the specified collection dates.

Accepted Materials:

Paints and related products (liquids and aerosols)

  • Oil or solvent based paint
  • Sealants, primers, coatings, varnishes, polyurethane, shellac
  • Thinner, mineral water, terebinthine, aerosol ink


  • Pesticides (insect and rodent killers)
  • Herbicides (herbicides)
  • Insecticides (insect killers)
  • Fungicides (mould killers)

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Article

  • Caustic household cleaners (oven cleaners, thinners, hydrochloric acid, etc.)
  • Automotive fluids, motor oil, car batteries
  • Adhesives, roof tar, driveway sealant
  • Kerosene, petrol, lighter fluid
  • Mercury

Materials not accepted:

  • Latexmalerei
  • Explosives, gunpowder, ammunition, flares
  • Medical waste, pharmaceuticals, medicines, sharps
  • Radioactive waste (e.g. smoke detectors)
  • Tires
  • Electronic
  • domestic appliances

Dangerous and unwanted items

Dangerous and unwanted items

Home Depot's National CFL Recycling Program

Recycling compact fluorescent lamps is easy. Home Depot offers free CFL recycling at each of its 1,973 locations. Customers can return undamaged, expired light bulbs to the return desk of any Home Depot store. This is in response to customer concerns about improper disposal of the lamps, which contain small amounts of mercury.

medicine and environment

One of the most recommended methods of disposing of unwanted medication is to flush the medication down the toilet or down the drain. Your doctor or pharmacist may even ask you to do this.

But when drugs are thrown away or washed down the drain, they flow into your local septic tank or treatment plant, where they can damage the beneficial bacteria that break down the waste.

Septic tanks and municipal sewage treatment plants are not designed to remove these drugs, so they enter the treatment plant unchanged. When treated water is discharged into rivers and lakes, it can still contain these drugs.

Our local authorities are working to keep these drugs out of our sewage, rivers and lakes.

Currently, the safest way to dispose of unwanted medication is to wrap it securely and place it in the trash, out of the reach of children and animals.

However, simply throwing the medication away can be dangerous. Measures must be taken to make it difficult for people or animals to inadvertently pick up the discarded medicine.

If your pharmacy does not accept unwanted medication:

Keep the medication in its original packaging. The labels can contain the necessary information and the caps are often child resistant.

Remove any personal information from the package. Use a bullet to hide the name and insurance information.

Disable the drug. Crush or dissolve the tablets with a little water. Pick up liquid medicines with flour, table salt or another non-toxic substance. Wrap the blisters in layers of strong tape. Place the package in an opaque container. Any empty yogurt or margarine container works best.

Free service to reduce your unwanted catalogs

Every year more than eight million tons of trees are used for the production of paper catalogues. There is now a free service that will help you reduce the flow of unwanted catalogs entering your home:Opens in a new windowwww.catalogchoice.org

(Video) What do garbage trucks do with garbage?

All you need is the customer number (printed next to the name/address field on the back of the catalogue). This process is much easier than calling to request the break. The website also saves the catalogs that you have removed.

landing site:

Middleburg Heights Service Center
7375 Engle Street

Collection date:

Saturday 10 June 2023
9h – 12h

Saturday 7th October 2023
9h – 12h

Middleburg Heights Shard-Tag

Middleburg Heights Shard-Tag

Regularly scheduled shred days allow Middleburg Heights residents to shred their personal documents at the Middleburg Heights Service Center at 7375 Engle Road. A mobile shredder and a recycling shredder truck are available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for quick, easy and free document destruction and disposal.

The shred team stands ready to handle documents and shred them while the participants look on. Each family is allowed to bring supplies equivalent to the capacity of two boxes of standard size copy paper. Shredded documents may be in plastic bags.

The city administration is happy to offer this service to the citizens. Shredding personal documents is a way to counteract identity theft and protect private information.

The company's cross-shredding process produces a cross-section of paper no larger than 5/8 inch and offers more security than traditional strip-cut shredders. The shredded material then goes directly to the shredding plant. Shredding A recycling company where it is baled and sent to recycling facilities.

For more information about the shredder event, call the Middleburg Heights Service Department at (440) 234-2216.

Frequently asked questions about the shard tag

Frequently asked questions about the shard tag

The event will be canceled in the event of rain.?

No, rain or shine.

Is there a service charge?

No, shredding is free.

Do I need to remove staples, paper clips, etc.?

Yes, and remove papers from folders and notebooks.

Do I have to separate the paper?


What can be shredded?

Financial and legal documents, receipts, tax and medical records, as well as floppy disks and CDs.

is there a limit

Two boxes of standard size copy paper.

What happens after the paper is shredded?

The shredded documents are sent to a recycling facility where they are returned to the market in the form of articles such as recycled paper products for household use.


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