Why will Peter Jackson never film The Silmarillion? (2023)

Why will Peter Jackson never film The Silmarillion? (1)

TIt is discarded byThe hobbit: an unexpected tripIn December last year, they renewed speculation about whether director Peter Jackson would take over the rotating project or notO Silmarillion.O HobbitThe trilogy is complete. If a comic fan with a question last year when he planned to continue making films based on Tolkien's books and especiallyO Silmarillion, he answered:

"I don't think Tolkien's property liked these films.I don't think 'the Silmarillion' goes everywhere for a long time.🇧🇷

This reasonably ambiguous statement was interpreted by all to conclude that Jackson had asked the right to make the film and was rejected.that there was very little sense in search of the matter. If the frenzy, the question of whether it makes the movie or not.

We will accept a fact for the beginning.

Peter Jackson will not receive the right to make a film adaptation ofO SilmarillionIn your life and in no other filmmaker.Lord of the RingsmiO Hobbit, Christopher Tolkien's last surviving son, Jrr Tolkien, has the rights of the book.O Silmarillion.Di compiled, edited and posted posthumously by Christopher.O SilmarillionHis greatest work and Christopher have an emotional attachment to the book by underestimating things.

Why will Peter Jackson never film The Silmarillion? (2)

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In a letter to Stanley Unwin in 1937, Tolkien expressed his gratitudeO SilmarillionHe was not "rejected with contempt." What had begun with the leftovers of the 1917 notor would not see the publication in his life.Heat Silmarillon, an initial form of the book for their editors Allen and Unwin, who requested a sequenceO HobbitIn a way, he was rejected, and although Tolkien obviously could not be satisfied with the result, he turned bravely to discuss ideas for the next book with Stanely Unwin while he is still "What else can hobbits do?"1

He took twelve years to end the manuscript for the 'sequence'.Lord of the RingsCompleted in the last stages of 1949. In the case of a dispute with Allen and Unwin, the real publication was dismantled for another five years.O SilmarillionWithLord of the RingsAnd after everyone's first rejection and only one of a single hobby, Collins offered him.Lord of the RingsChanged his opinion. Now this editor published, now HarpercollinsThe Fellowship of the RingThe first part 1954 andO SilmarillionHe was sent again.

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Christopher Tolkien still has the foot of the foot that was sitting at the age of six and heard his father's stories. Tolkien's children were always very involved in his father's work.O Hobbit, So,Lord of the Ringsand the series of stories posthumously as published asDangerous Kingdom StoriesBut Christopher's participation in his father's work went beyond sleeping stories. "My father could not afford a secretary," he says., Christopher went to an Air Base in South Africa in 1943, where the long letterand his father's chapter of romance in progress received every week. "I was a hunting pilot.O SilmarillionThis was among them that Christopher would assume the task if his father dies without completing it.

I was in my father's office in Oxford. He entered and looked for something with great fear. Then I realized that it wasO SilmarillionAnd I was afraid of the idea that he would discover what he had done -Christopher Tolkien discusses a dream

After the death of his father, Christopher felt a strong sense of responsibility, which is completely created by the inheritance of 70 file boxes, each of the thousands of unpublished pagesOne billionIn 1977 he did not stop there. He returned to New College in Oxford, where he had also become an old English teacher.The History of Medium EarthIn 2007 he concludedThe children of Hurin, which was originally designed by his father in 1910 and appeared partly inO SilmarillionAnd published this yearAn Arthurs on the left, written in the anterior part of the 1930s.2

The sale of the rights of cinema to the lord of the rings, as is often supposed toLord of the Rings.Tolkien was not yet a rich man, and the fiscal problem of his children's future inheritance was very supported by him based on the script and said "Lord of the RingsIt cannot be illuminated.3Finally he sold the film and derived the product rights to the artists joined for £ 100,000 in 1969. However, no film was completed in his life. He murdered four years later at the age of 81.

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The rights of the film were sold to Saul Zaentz in 1976, which has been an average land company since then.O HobbitmiLord of the RingsThey were published in 1977 and 1978. There was no interest in the rights of the film until Peter Jackson decided to get it in 1995. At the end of 2001, the first part of Peter Jackson InnovatorLord of the RingsThe trilogy was about to reach the screen. The Tolkien family was quiet and had only given an opinion for the dismay of many fans the week before the film was published. Christopher Tolkien made an explanation of his lawyers.

""My own position is that" the lord of the rings "is especially for conversion in a visual dramatic form. On the other hand, I see that this is a theme of controversial and complex art and the suggestions made" disapproved "of the films, regardless of cinematographic quality, even to the extent of the idea of what is full of those I can differ with are completely unfounded. "

Peter Jackson gave an interview in the week before the film's debut for EW and, without a doubt, he felt a bit annoying. The British press accused his film of causing a rape between Christopher Tolkien and his son Simon, and Jackson strivesfor clarifying things. When he asked about the statement that Christopher had publishedhe said

They can have opinions about the film, but an attitude towards the fact that the film became a little unfair to people who have the rights and enjoyed money before they die. People who bought Tolkien's rights must have the film thatThey paid

This statement was real, but it was disappointing that someone who refers to Tolkien Fan as a passionate Tolkien is so passionate about Tolkien Fan.

As for the alleged assets, Tolkien enjoyed the sale of cinematographic rights that went to these taxes. However, he said goodbye to the fortune accumulated by the sales of books in his retirement, while his wife Edith was treated with aNew wardrobe, developed Tolkien, developed a tendency to collect velvet collection. Most of the money was spent in his beloved family.

Those who wrote in such matters (copyright)BumpAnd suggest different names for individual bulls that can be derived from it.4

In fact, it was the new line and the medium -ground companies that began all the feeling. First, the new line did not pay any license rate. Observer's rights to the next adjustments to Tolkien's work. The original contractHe said that Tolkien's assets should receive a percentage of profits if the movies were profitable.It is“These extremely popular films did not seem to obtain profits! We received statements that Tolkien's producers should not be due to Penny.

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It was needed until 2009 and a change of study to solve the process that had paralyzed the production ofO HobbitIt is worth noting that Peter Jackson also had to demand a new line for unpaid license rates.

After the process was resolved, the president of Warner Bros.Alan HornWe said: "We appreciate the contributions of Tolkien's novels to the success of our films and we are happy to leave this dispute back."

They have a sufficiently "deep" property to develop even more and continue respecting the original contract, which could only sell material products to make fans complete a contract with a casino to the license slot machines with hobbit problems.Rings license with slot themes and this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, Harper and Tolkien Estate were determined to stop them and defeated a process of 50 million pounds .warner Bros.inContra-DedicadoAnd he said that the lack of brand hunting in casinos and arcadas along with the online line played the profitability of the first film in the Hobbit trilogy of Peter Jackson.The hobbit: an unexpected trip.They explainedThe process "damaged Warner in the form of lost licenses income and also reduced Hobbit movies."

Meanwhile, the sewing of the Sanguijuela, Saul Zaentz, intimidated a small pub in Southampton last year, which, of course, is mentioned.O Hobbit, which had been established as a tribute to Tolkien's work for more than 20 years and demanded that they be completely new in brands or legal steps. It was not only fans who had enough.O HobbitBreastboneIan McKellen and Stephen Fry paid their own pocket licenseFry said: "Sometimes I am ashamed of the business in which I am.

"... I do not devour anything through its own popularity and it does not absorb anything absurd of our time. There is only a solution to me: avoid my head.

Christopher Tolkien took a long time to break his silence.THE INTERVIEW WITH LEMONDEHe was the first in forty years. Of course, the terrible treatment of the family and the Tolkien editor has finally had his tribute to the last decade of film studies.Lord of the RingsFilm trilogy, said Christopher finally

“You have caused the book and you made it an action movie for young people aged 15 to 25, and it seemsO HobbitIt will be the same type of film.

I do not think soJ. R. R. Tolkien5

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Celtic "active" names, together with the deep philosophical and theological themes, the penetratingO SilmarillionThey only belong to some of the factors that hinder reading.6

The book was not well received when it was launched, like everyone else and in the United Kingdom they feared forty years before, and as Tolkien feared. Common symptoms are difficult names, archaic text and lack of central characters that the reader can identify.

I doubt my company [WriteO Silmarillion] Due to the vision of a great story in the background, I believe that part of the attraction of L.R.: An attraction as if you see a lotmagic unlessJ. R. R. Tolkien7

At this point we have to consider why someone would think about translationO SilmarillionAccording to the authors, it would be less catastrophic in the cinema. It is not essentially filmed. The depth, the scope and severity of the book are not suitable for an action and adventure film.Overestime Peter Jackson's skills can be a great filmmaker. The task of adapting the earth to the film is not an easy task and, in general, they did an excellent job. But some of the additions that you have achieved the story ofLord of the RingsmiOh Hobbit,They vary unnecessarily with shame. Jackson's burning desire to create his living princessO HobbitBut the cruel reaction of fans in his attempt to treat Arwen in the same wayLord of the RingsThe trilogy forced him to remove his scenes at the top of the film.

Here is the problem. A filmmaker should serve the public. And where Jackson was forced, the heart of the book lost on the way. The movie actually only represents the surface ofLord of the Rings,The philosophical depth of the text cannot be claimed. If Jrr Tolkien is really only consideredLord of the RingsAs a result of your "real" work,O SilmarillionWhat possibilities does a filmmaker have to create the same in a movie?

Maybe Professor Tom Shippey summarized better. In his generalized essay on Peter Jackson Films, which have been added to the third edition ofTHE WAY TO MIDDON, Shippey points out that Jackson is "faster for Tolkien to identify evil without qualification and as a purely external force ... Here is the core of a serious challenge for world's world vision, with its insistence on the fallen nature, although althoughIt is his conviction that victories, although they are always worth it, are always temporary. After everything, this could be a problem and their "respective narrative art cannons."8

Clarification of copyright:Christopher Tolkien stops copyrightO SilmarillionNo J.R.Tolkien.harper Collins confirmed that copyright would not be extended up to 70 years after the death of copyright, not until 2043 if copyright expose about the works of J.R.Tolkien (updated 01/25/14).

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